September 7, 2011
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Obama jobs, growth proposal may have implications for employer-sponsored health and retirement benefit plans

Council available to comment

WHO: James Klein, president, American Benefits Council

In his address to a joint session of Congress on Thursday, September 8, President Barack Obama is expected to discuss his proposed strategy for increasing employment and economic growth. The American Benefits Council will be prepared to comment on specific approaches with implications for employer sponsors of health and retirement benefit plans, such as regulatory relief and pension plan funding reform.

"The President and Congress agree that regulatory relief is a critical ingredient of maintaining and creating jobs. So it is essential that Executive branch agencies make it possible for employers to meet their responsibilities under the Affordable Care Act, and other laws, in as flexible and cost-effective way as possible," Council President James A. Klein said.

"In addition, after the stock market plunged in 2008, Republicans and Democrats in Congress took action to ensure that pension plan funding relief was enacted. As economic challenges continue for the third straight year, it is more important than ever to pursue policies that will enable companies to fund pension plans in a smooth and predictable way."

Klein will be available to comment on employee benefits issues related to the President's remarks before and after the speech.

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For interviews with Council staff immediately following President Obama's message, please contact Jason Hammersla, Council director, communications, at (202) 422-4652. You may also reach James A. Klein directly at (202) 494-4300.

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