June 26, 2013
NR 2013-08

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Council applauds Supreme Court decision in U.S. v. Windsor

Defense of Marriage Act imposed burdens on employers, unequal treatment of lawfully married employees

WASHINGTON, DC Today's decision to strike down DOMA frees employers from a number of financial and administrative burdens and we applaud the Court's ruling. Of course, this ruling brings new challenges as employers now must be mindful of significant variations in state laws regarding same-sex couples,” said Council President James A. Klein.

The American Benefits Council was the only national employee benefits business association to join 277 employers, organizations and municipalities in filing an amicus (friend-of-the-court) brief with the Supreme Court in the case of United States v. Windsor. The brief’s argument centered on how DOMA “requires that employers treat one employee differently from another, when each is married, and each marriage is equally lawful.”

“DOMA imposed unequal federal tax treatment on workers covered by employer-sponsored benefit plans, and burdens on plan sponsors. Many more employers can now focus on providing benefits in a way that helps them achieve their core business goals,” Klein said.

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